3 Hidden Secrets and your Facebook Ad Strategy

You’ve done thorough market research, and read all Facebook’s rules and prohibitions… you’re all ready to start your

Facebook ad campaign. Before you do, however, you may need to stop and consider some little-known factors that could
affect your market research conclusions.

1. You may know that Facebook allows users to search the web from Facebook: What you may not realize is that Facebook
separated itself from Google. Now when you search the web via Facebook, results are returned from Bing.

2. You can link your Facebook Ad to your Facebook group… but if you change your mind and decide a Facebook Page would
work better than a group instead, you cannot transfer your group members over.

3. According to the New York Times, Microsoft has a 1.6% stake in Facebook. (That translates out to $240 million dollars!)

Now, the news about Bing may alert you to the need to keep cultivating Google SEO too; and the news about Microsoft’s big
Facebook investment may only serve to confirm your belief that Facebook is worth its weight (unless you are a confirmed
Microphobe; in which case you’ll be convinced that Microsoft is about to Take Over Facebook and seriously mess it up)…
but the point about member lists not being transferrable from Facebook groups to pages is one that has caught many new
advertisers by surprise, and caused some grief.
So think carefully about which option – group or page – is better, before you decide to create one or the other
specifically to link with your ad.

And 1 Hidden Benefit…

But Facebook has one big hidden benefit not mentioned ahead of time in its Ad Creation process – one which you won’t find
anywhere else on a social site…

…it tells you to “wait” if a large company is about to initiate a competing campaign that day – one which would severely
hurt your results.

Many people agree that feature alone is worth its weight in gold. Do you agree… or are you too busy nervously watching
for those Microsoft Facebook announcements to appear in your inbox?

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