We’ve got that umph that says “yeah, I can probably do that.  And what I can’t do alone, I can get some (or a lot of) help from my friends.”    We’ve got that, “I Can Do It” kind of mentality that people who are determined to succeed are famous for.  We love figuring out things, how things can be done more efficiently & what are the solutions for problems.

We’d love to help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made, and help you learn beforehand that, that an area and/or mistake is one to avoid.  Thus, we can save you the time, money, energy,  & heartache of figuring it out, all on your own.  And we love even more, forwarding that knowledge and know-how that we;ve gained as a result of our successes and our trial & errors,  to others like you.  We’d love to see your world more fulfilling and enjoyable as a result of the lessons and experiences we’ve had.

We’ve learned a lot in the school of Hard Knocks.    You can benefit from the gleaming of knowledge and practical experience at our network of interrelated websites.

We share:

  • How to generate multiple streams of income.
  • How to prepare for emergency situations.
  • How to travel to exciting and exotic places economically
  • How to keep fit and healthy
  • How to effectively manage your time
  • The best organization methods for personal and household use.
  • Got a talented and gift child…we’ve got talent management tips
  • Best Household Money Management Practices
  • How to successfully grow a business on the Internet.
  • Got pets? We’ve info about and problem solutions for them also

Our Story

So exactly who are we?   We are: Keith, Mrs  B. (Gail)  and Layla Brisco, a family company.  We are ordinary Americans trying to live the American Dream.  And we’ve seen our share of challenging economic times.  How do you make your dollars stretch as far as possible?  How do you make a comfortable and welcoming home when you’re not a millionaire?

In 2000, with one of us forced to go on permanent disability because of an autoimmune disease called Lupus, our household was suddenly forced to learn to live on one salary in the very high cost of living area of Los Angeles.  With two very active school aged children in private school, and mounting medical bills, we had to maximize every dollar that entered our household.  Through the years we learned many helpful and efficient financial tips and tricks to make our dollars go the distance.  Even with only one salary, we still managed to send our children to private schools and private colleges.  We have a nicely decorated home that we own, take a couple of vacations each year and still have money in the bank.

As the years went by, many of our friends encouraged us to share how we had been able to live comfortably on just one salary in such a high cost of living area.  Thus was born the suite of sites that we run. These sites share with you the many useful tips we’ve learned over the years.  We also share with you the mistakes we made, that you need to avoid.  Main secret to making this work?….  Multiple streams of income.


We believe in paying it forward.  We’ve traveled this far in our journey due in large part to our friends and mentors.  Likewise, we are passing forward the knowledge and experiences gleamed, and would love to see you also pay forward the blessings you’ve learned to others.  We’ll see you on our sites.


The parent company is Windsor Trading LLC, a registered Limited Liability Company registered in California.     See our disclosures.

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