Beginnings Are Always So Bright and Shining

I just love beginnings.  The beginning of spring, the beginning of the new school year, beginning of summer.  Everything is so bright and shiny and new and promising.  It signals a chance to start over, or start anew.  The wonderful thing about a new day, it’s a new chance to get it right this time.  At the Money Booster, we like to think of each day, as a new chance to begin anew.  A change to start setting up our finances, the way we know we really want those bank accounts to be.  It start with first one step and then another.  We continue on the journey to building that emergency fund.  Saving enough cash for the down payment on a house.  Putting enough money aside for retirement.  Yes, each day is an opportunity to start anew towards our goals and milestones that we set up to accomplish.  What will be your new beginning today?

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