Build an Informational Website in 48 Hours or Less

People are often under the misconception that websites take a long time to build. In reality, the whole process can take less than 48 hours. Once you have a concept for an informational site, you can make it a reality very quickly.

Here’s how to go from idea to launch in just two days.

==> Buy the Domain

Go to the  domain registrar – namecheap.   Type in a few different domain names to see if you can find one that you like that’s available.

Try to only go for .com domain names that have no numbers and no hyphens.

==> Purchase Hosting

Go to the web host  – Site Ground and purchase a hosting plan. Hosting plans are available for as little as $5-$7 a month.

A web host is basically where all your files are stored on the internet. Web pages, graphics and media files all need to be stored somewhere. The monthly fee you pay to a hosting company is your “rent” for using their storage space.

==> Set Up Hosting

Go into your domain name’s control panel. Redirect the Domain Name Service (DNS) to your hosting’s IP address. Detailed instructions are in your hosting and registrar’s help files.

Once your hosting is set up, your website is already live, although there’s nothing on it yet.

==> Adding a Content Management System

A content management system allows non-tech people to set up websites easily. With a CMS, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS or any programming at all.

There are several popular options you can choose from: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are all quite common. By and large however, the web is dominated by WordPress, which is also the most user friendly one to use.

To add a CMS, simply log into your hosting account’s cPanel. Look for a one-click WordPress installation. You can also look for “Fantastico” which has a number of built-in one-click installations, including WordPress.

As the term “one click” implies, the whole installation process should take under one minute. Just click a button and the system will take care of the rest.

==> Setting Up Your Website

Once you have WordPress (or another CMS) installed, all you need to do is choose how you want the site to look.

Select and install a theme. A theme determines how your site looks, including what colors are on the site, where the navigation bar is, where the buttons go, etc.

Add pages of content and add posts if you want to use your website as a blog. Get a ready source of original content for your site at plr monthly.

The ground work at this point is finished. All you need to do is add content and your site is ready to go. Naturally, throughout the lifetime of your site, you’re going to make tweaks to the design and the content. But your website as a whole can be set up, online and ready to go in under 48 hours.

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