FB Ad Basics Mini Lesson – Don’t Get BANNED!

Getting banned from Facebook can be a pretty devastating blow to your business.
Just like in civilized society we have a set of rules we adhere to (laws), Facebook has it’s own set of advertising “laws”. And just like in real life, just because you didn’t know a law existed, doesn’t mean you can break it.
Just because you didn’t read the terms of service, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to break the rules in it.
If you’re going to advertise on Facebook you have to follow their rules.
Thankfully all their rules are fairly easy to follow and very clearly written in the Terms of Service. All you have to do is go to the advertising terms of service page and check to make sure what you’re doing is OK.
Here’s a quick guide on how to tell if something is right or wrong:
If you think you’re doing something wrong. You’re doing something wrong.
If you have to justify why what you’re doing is “ok”. It’s not ok.
Don’t use someone else’s name, image, brand or product if you don’t have permission
And don’t be a jerk in your ads
Aside from that… it’s pretty straight forward. There are a few other rules, but not many. If you’re nice to Facebook and follow the TOS they’ll be happy to have you as an advertiser. Remember… advertising on Facebook is a privilege not a right. And it can be taken away from you!
There is no short term “trick” that is worth losing your account.
here is no loophole that is worth jeopardizing your advertising future.
If you do this the right way, instead of trying to cut corners you will never have to worry about being caught because you’ll never be doing anything wrong. Play by the rules. Don’t try and outsmart Facebook.
Ok… now let’s say you did get banned because you didn’t follow the rules.
Not all is lost.
Whether it was your fault or not (it was), all that is in the past now. The only thing you can do is move on and get creative with your advertising. Thankfully there are still lots of other ways you can advertise on Facebook without requiring a Facebook account. And guess what, they come with some unique perks too!
In a few hours from now you’ll see  how you can get over 800,000 impressions and hundreds of clicks, advertising on Facebook, without paying Facebook a dime!
Keep an eye open for that annoucement.
 Mrs B.
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