Money Management 101 – part 1

A good money management program gives you money and more time to do what’s really important for you.  Unfortunately many of us have never been taught how to be good money managers.  It is a continuous process. It is not something that can be done for just a few weeks or months, but must be a continuous process that is periodically refined and tweaked to meet your current goals and circumstances. Money management can be broken down into several major area.  Without  addressing each one of these fundamental building blocks, your financial picture will be incomplete.

I. Day to Day Living

  • financial planning
  • saving and spending
  • growing your income

II. Investments

  • Banking and Borrowing
  • Retirement
  • College

III.  Protecting your assets

  • Taxes
  • Insurance

IV.  Planing for your Heirs

Part 2

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