Money Management 101 – Part 4

Personal Money Management

We’re in the middle of a series addressing personal money management. We are developing your personal financial road map, developing the knowledge to competantly manuever the financial landscape we face today.  If you haven’t read Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 of the series, please do so now.

Growing Your Income

Producing Income – There are many avenues you can use to increase your income production.  Some simple and quick, some requiring major investments of time and money.  Follow along as we explore some of the better potential money makers

You can separate income producers into two major categories:

  • Supplemental income producers
  • Major income producers

Supplemental Income Producers 

Most supplemental income producers are sources of income, that will be in addition to your major income source(s).   These can include anything from a part time job, to actively persuing ways to cut spending and saving money, to finding sources that pay you for various tasks and activities performed.  Do you have a passion or hobby?  You can turn that passion into a revenue maker

How would you like to get paid to go on vacation?   It’s called Paycation, and is by far one of the most fun and fascinating part time incomes to have.  You travel, you get paid. You send some one else traveling and  you get paid….not too bad a situation…..Get more info 

Like to share your opinion?  How would you like to get paid for your opinion?  Online consumer option sites will pay you $1 or more for filling out questionnaires on all manner of topics.

Survey Tips

  • Surveys only net a few dollars on average but take very little time. Even if you only spend a few minutes making $3 a day, in a month, you will have earned over $90!
  • Teenagers can also do surveys for cash but should always research whether or not a given company will allow them to participate.
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, try using the WOT extension to stop yourself from going to scam sites.

Do You read many emails everyday.  Why not get paid to read emails.  There are several companies that pay you to read email, answer a few questions, try a few products and they will reward you with points that you exchange for gift cards or products.  One of the best is My Points.  I’ve read emails from this company for several years now (approx 5 mins a day).  I usually redeem for 2 or 3 gift cards every couple of months.  Last year, I completed my entire Christmas shopping list by redeeming my accumulated points for Gift cards.  Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how fast you can accumulate points to redeem for great items.

Do you love to plan parties, want to be a virtual assistant or concierge? All you’ll need are a computer, and a phone.  Through them you’ll make dinner reservations, track down sets to the latest concert, assist in tracking up to date fashion requests, make travel arrangements with prequalified clients.   You’ll work from home and you can bet no two days will ever be identical or boring.  You decide how many or how few hours you’ll work each week.  For more information contact Aspire

Have a passion for designing crafts.  Then become a designer and try selling your crafts on or develop your own website and sell your products. Read this for a complete guide on building your own website to profit from your craft or hobby.

Do you like to shop? Love spending time at the malls?  Why not get paid to shop? You can become a mystery shopper.  Check Be wary of sites that have you paying fees to be a mystery shopper.  These are scams.  Those on are usually legit.  You can make a nice part time salary being a mystery shopper.

Are you quick on the keyboard? Transcribe from home, anything from   legal documents to documents usually typed by legal secretaries and administrative assistance   For additional information contact or

There is money to be made in the field of blogging.  Have an area of interest that you loved to explore?  Why not share that passion or interest with others and receive some income while doing it.  Find out whether blogging or a theme based website is the better option for you. 

Continue on with the series in Part 5

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